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Past Events

Website Launch - January 2011
The Health Sciences Students' Association website is launched, providing students a one-stop shop for everything Health Sciences!

Health Hawks Soccer Teams November 2010
During the 2009-2010 and the 2010-2011 school years, the Laurier Health Sciences Student Association has fielded two recreational soccer teams. These teams were open to all Laurier Health Sciences students, consisted of 10-12 players and competed in the Laurier recreational coed soccer league. Games were played at the University stadium during the 2009-2010 winter season and at the Alumni field during the 2010-2011 fall season. This enhanced the student experience of Health sciences students by providing a fun, social, and active way to meet other people in the program. These teams were a huge success, claiming the 2010 outdoor co-ed recreational soccer championship!

Chemistry Study Session II - November 11th, 2010
On Thursday November 11, a CH110 study session was held for all first year Health Sciences students run by two second year students, Mike Taglione and Michael Mikhaeil. Approximately 50 first year students attended. The session was focused on the midterm review package provided by CH110 professor Dr. Maly. Questions were brought up by the first year students and were answered in a discussion format led by the two second year students. Students left the session more confident and better prepared to write the midterm.

Get Swabbed - November 2nd, 2010
"Get Swabbed" took place on November 2, 2010. The event was orchestrated with OneMatch: Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Network, in affiliation with Canadian Blood Services. The Health Sciences Students' Association was involved with the promotion of the event and several Health Sciences students volunteered as part of the Swab Drive. The goal was to get as many people on campus to register into the database, as the bigger it is the more lives that can be saved. The responsibilities of the volunteers throughout the day were to encourage students and faculty to enter into the database, help them fill out the registration forms, and supervise the buccal swabbing.

Health Sciences Social - Morty's Night - October 28th, 2010
This initiative was a follow up to the previous year's wildly successful Morty's Night Social. It was Wings Night at Morty's and with 50 attendees, the basement was at maximum capacity. Games were played, conversation was made, and everyone had a blast. The secret event (Conversations in Health) was also unveiled at this event. The tradition of playing Catch Phrase was continued with another epic game, and with the girls making an unbelievable comeback to come out on top.

Health Sciences T-Shirts - September 2010
Over 80 Health Hawks t-shirts were purchased by 1st and 2nd year Health Sciences students. Now students can show off their program everywhere they go!

Health Sciences Mentorship - September 2010
The mentorship program was launched to aid first year Health Sciences students in their transition from high school to university. The mentorship program pairs a second year student with two or three first year students, and has been integrated within the Academic Partnership Program. Mentors' responsibilities include inviting their mentee to school events, whether it be academic or social, and being available to answer any questions their mentee may have to the best of their ability.

Health Sciences Kick-off BBQ - September 26th, 2010
On September 16, 2010, from 5:00-7:00 pm, the second annual health sciences "meet and greet" barbeque was put on by the Health Sciences Students' Association executive council. It took place in the science atrium and was open to the entire health sciences student body (first and second years) as well as faculty members on the Health Sciences Coordinating Committee. All attendees had the option of eating a veggie burger or a hamburger and other light snacks and drinks. Information about the program was presented and first years had an opportunity to meet their academic partnership mentors (second year health sciences students), other members of their own class, or any of the faculty members that were present. This barbeque was an excellent opportunity, especially for first years, to meet classmates in their own program, faculty that may be teaching them, and their mentors who would be a great resource to them in the future, all in a casual and less formal atmosphere. Approximately 110 health sciences students showed up, a phenomenal turnout.

O-Week 2010 - September 2010
On Wednesday, September 8th, the Health Sciences Student's Association participated in Orientation Week's Get Involved Fair. Health Sciences students were present at the HSSA booth, and were available to give information and answer questions about HSSA. Participating in the Get Involved Fair was a great way to spread the word about HSSA at Laurier, and it gave new Health Sciences students access to information about HSSA, as well as the chance to meet some of its existing members. Despite the cold and rainy weather, there was a great turnout!
Also during O-Week 2010, a PowerPoint presentation was made by HSSA members and included in the USB memory sticks that were given to each first year student as a part of their Orientation Week welcome package. The PowerPoint contained information about HSSA, and was included in the USBs as a means of getting this information out to first year Health Sciences students, as well as to the rest of the incoming Laurier community.

Relay for Life - March 27th, 2010
A group of Health Sciences students assembled a team to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society in Relay for Life. The team was named "Breast Friends," and every member was required to wear a pink bra on the outside of their clothes (whether male or female). The relay lasted from 7:00PM - 7:00AM. It was a long and cold night, but the determined group stuck through it all for a great cause. To see pictures of the event, click here.

Best Buddies Dodgeball Tournament - March 14th, 2010
A group of Health Sciences students participated in the Best Buddies dodgeball tournament. Co-ed teams of 10 competed in this battle. Money raised went towards Laurier Best Buddies, who work with mentally disabled adults.

Laurier Day - March 19th, 2010
On Laurier Day, several students from the Health Science Students' Association were involved with the Health Sciences booth to assist in answering questions of future prospective students interested in Laurier's Health Sciences Program.

Health Sciences Sweaters - February 2010
The Health Sciences Students' Association designed sweaters to proudly represent the inaugural class of Health Sciences students and to create transparency throughout campus of the new Health Sciences program. 60 students purchased the Health Science apparel. The hoodies included a personalization option that proved to be very popular.

Health Sciences Social - Morty's Night - January 31st, 2010
This was one of the first events put together by the Health Sciences Council for all those in the Health Sciences program to get to know each other. Approximately 30 students were present. With the help of great food and a wacky game called Catch Phrase, all students who attended the social bonded while having a better time than anyone could have imagined!

MA 110 - January 2010
Due to the growing academic concern in the Health Sciences student body, HSSA decided to take action and discuss this in a meeting with Dr. Elliott. A list of discussion questions was created by Jaclin Whaley and Allyson Cowie. A formal letter of concern was then presented to Dr. Elliott and Dr. MacPhee at an official HSSA meeting in early March. On March 15th, Dr. Elliott announced to HSSA members that two new courses, MA100 and MA101, would replace MA110 in the 2010/2011 academic school year. These courses are designed specifically for science students and are each worth 0.5 credits as opposed to the 1.0 credit MA110 course.

Chemistry Study Session I - December 14th, 2009
The first chemistry study session was directed to the inaugural class in Health Sciences for the CH110 final exam. This session was held on the Sunday prior to the chemistry final in a room in Bricker Academic. It allowed Health Sciences students to ask questions and gain knowledge on the material being tested on the exam. Practice problems were also provided to the students and answers were taken up with input from students. To ensure correct knowledge was being shared, a member of the Health Sciences Coordinating Committee (Dr. Lillian Debruin) was present to proctor. This was an excellent opportunity for Health Sciences students to share knowledge and help each other.